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What we provide

Chinese SchoolIn the past decade, the association attracted more and more members. By now, it has more than 3000 members. Except from three Indochina countries, some members also come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeastern Asia. The association opens a Chinese School, invites acupuncturists to serve the Chinese community, and sets up a Buddha hall for prayers.

As well, we often organize tourist activities and dinner parties, and help townsmen to arrange their marriages and funerals. We continually participated in the International Convention of Chao Chow Organizations since its 5th convention in Macau.

No matter when and where natural disaster happens, we donate to help victims. Particularly, at the moments of the big flood in China in 1991, the earthquake in Taiwan in 1998, and the flood in the east of Canada in 1998, we actively donated money to help the victims.Buddha Hall

With our donations to the "Hope Project" of China, we contributed to help the poor farmers to build schools for their kids. Our magnanimousness is highly praised by the public and the governments.