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The Youth of Chao Chow Association of Quebec

Youth GroupChao Chow Townsmen Association of Quebec was founded in 1998. After working hard raising funds together, the Mansion was built in 2000. The association was then renamed to Chao Chow Association of Quebec Canada (CCAQC) at the inauguration of the Mansion. In order for younger generation to inherit the fine culture and tradition of chaoren, CCAQC has created its Youth Group, where members range from doctors, lawyers, professors, dentists, pharmacists, engineers, accountants, pilots, managers, officials at different level of governmental departments, etc.

In 2001, the Youth Group participated in the Second International Youth Teochew Convention in Paris and won the bid for the Third Convention. The Third Convention was then successfully organized in Montreal in 2004, building the reputation of Montreal's Teochew Youth and strengthening the tie between young Teochews of Montreal and those of the world.

YouthFurthermore, the Youth Group is very active in organizing various social, cultural and professional activities, such as Career Orientation, Photography Seminar, Chinese New Year celebration, collective outdoor skating, sugar shack and so on. The Youh Group will restlessly carry forward the chaoren's fine culture and tradition. We eagerly hope to meet with world's young Teochews again at the biennial International Youth Teochew Convention.