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Third Youth Convention

Third International Teochew Youth Convention

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The Chao Chow Association of Quebec, Canada (CCAQC) and the Youth Committee of Chao Chow Association of Quebec, Canada (YCCAQC) were pleased to see you all at the 3rd International Teochew Youth Convention (hereinafter referred to as the "3rd Convention"), held from 7th to 9th May 2004, focused on the theme "Youth Teochew: A Bright Future".

May 31st, 1999, Hong Kong hosted the First International Teochew Youth Convention with over 200 delegates from various countries. Two years later, May 2001, the Second International Teochew Youth Convention was held in Paris, France. Forty-eight delegations worldwide attended. YCCAQC won the bid to host the 3rd Convention in 2003, but had to delay to 2004 because of the unexpectable SARS threat. However, this threat didn't stop us from attracting and charming more than twenty delegations from all over the world, with more than 300 foreign delegates and more than 400 Canadian Teochew delegates, a total of about 800 participants.

The both previous conventions held in Hong Kong and Paris focused predominantly on establishing and reinforcing our international network and preserving our heritage and dialect. These efforts made us realize that an international organization linking the Teochew youth worldwide is fundamental in order to strengthening our ties as well as promoting the continuation of our traditions. We have done and do our best to further explore the breadth, profoundness and richness of our culture.

We also had the honor to receive many distinguished guests (including ex-mayor of city of Montreal Mr Pierre Bourque, provincial and federal political delegates and People's Republic China's ambassador) and key speakers, who offered premium conferences and workshops. Interesting subjects included Teochew culture, Chinese Canadian Cultural Heritage, Canadian multiculturalism, Canadian immigration and taxation, Canadian health care system, Canadian industry, etc. Two major projects (International Young Teochew Association project and ROAD project) were also presented.

Through those key speakers, the 3rd Convention also allowed us to explore and learn much more in our thousand-year long culture, business and the Teochew network around the world. And we hope that you have explored the uniqueness of the Canadian multiculturalism and Quebec's multicultural richnesses, and the history of Chinese people who have contributed significantly in building Canada.


Hopefully, the 3rd Convention also allowed each of us to make new friends and reacquaint with the old ones.

We thank you for joining and making the 3rd International Youth Teochew Convention a successful and memorable one. We look forward to meeting you again soon at the